Don Arbor Carries on the Tradition of Protest Music

March 09, 2018
By Melina Paris, Music Columnist

Turbulent times inspire powerful music. We are in those times. Artists of every kind can make powerful protest music. Yet, often because of the immeasurable and varied ways we now consume music, coupled with our demanding lifestyles, protest music is not always front and center.

I happened upon one such video by Bay Area singer songwriter, Don Arbor. His song, Everyone Comes From Somewhere is a striking message to counter anti-immigrant sentiment. Arbor’s voice is mellow and inflected with  folk stylings, but the power is in the message. Read More


Social commentary in the music with Don Arbor

April 14, 2018
With Pat Thurston

Pat is joined, in- studio, by local musican Don Arbor. Pat and Don discuss Don's music and why he makes the music he does. They talk in detail about the messages Don tries to communicate through his music and Pat also plays several of Don's songs.  Read More


An Anthem From the Sanctuary State

by Lance Simmens
In the shadow of the Administration’s attempts to sue the State and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ stern admonitions to the Governor and to communities around the state to not interfere with Federal efforts to deport immigrants, I would like to offer the following interview I recently had with the author of what very well may become the anthem of the sanctuary movement. Read More


An In-Depth Interview With The Multi-Talented Musician DON ARBOR!

21 Apr 2017
by Leah Brungardt
Don Arbor is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and award-winning video artist whose songs have been compared to such varied performers as George Harrison, Steely Dan, and Jason Mraz.  Don’s latest single is “It Should Have Been Me”.
His previous single “County D,” was released in the fall of 2014 and tells the moving story of leaving a familiar home behind, then finding life goes on, even better than before, yet never free of the memories. Read More




Musician, songwriter, lawyer and award-winning video maker Don Arbor performed recently in Berkeley, CA. The show featured his song "Everyone Comes from Somewhere," which acknowledges the struggles of immigrants, past and present, to become part of the fabric of American society. As the grandson of European immigrants, Arbor wrote the song to honor his own roots, and to highlight the importance of immigration to our culture. "Everyone Comes from Somewhere" received dual Gold awards for Music Video and Original Song, from the International Independent Film Festival for Winter 2018. More info at The video is available on YouTube by clicking here.  Read More